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I do feel inspired to act, even though most of these protests tend to deviate from systematic structural problems and focus on more superficial ones; however, I do support them actively.

 @9J5YK93Bavariafrom Tennessee answered…4mos4MO

It depends what the protest is for basic human rights yes as in gay trans or equality laws yes but when it comes to workers unions I am disgusted by them

 @9HYWJLDVolt Germanyanswered…4mos4MO

Depends on the topic as well as on the form of protest. Violent protest should never be accepted regardless of how important a topic is and also protest should always face people that are directly connected to the issue (like politicians who vote against the interest of the protesters or companies/ private persons who benefit from the given issue) instead of random people

 @9LN3FMNSocial Democraticfrom Oregon answered…1mo1MO

I feel inspired by seeing people using their right to protest and free speech to talk about things that matter to them, but I don't know the first thing about doing that myself.

 @9LM849WChristian Democratic Unionfrom Oregon answered…1mo1MO

It normally depends on what the people are protesting for and the cause of it.

 @9LKTXQQfrom Oregon answered…1mo1MO

I always feel inspired to act and many times I do. Whether that is for or against the protest on the news. I was fighting for black lives matter on the small street corner of my hometown and I was protesting against the January 6th riot.


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