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Yes, but only on those that earn more than €550,000 as a single person, and more than €750,000 for married couples.

 @9M6X6CWAlliance for Germany from Florida answered…3mos3MO

Taxes should be set according to how much money people make on a yearly basis. Taxes and fines should be ordered accordingly.


Ensure that there are no loopholes and the rates are fair proportionally across all groups


Yes, raise taxes on all income brackets and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations

 @99GY6W7from British Columbia answered…1yr1Y

Rich shouldnt be allowed to exist. Restructure corporate entities into worker cooperatives. No need for a "rich tax", something which can easily be aboided with offshore accounts and other illegal practices if there are no rich people to begin with.

 @99F8NT4Social Democraticanswered…1yr1Y

Lower taxes but increase the tax on inheritance, especially for rich people.

 @9L85XG2from Illinois answered…4mos4MO

decrease taxes on everyone except top bracket and add new backet for over 500,000 euros and make it a 53% tax

 @9J895W7from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

lower income taxes but establish a 5-10% inheritance tax and remove existing tax loopholes for large corporations and raise the corporate tax

 @9C39DTSfrom Arizona answered…1yr1Y

Restructure to eliminate loopholes for ultra wealthy & corporations.

 @9BDB5GZfrom Illinois answered…1yr1Y

 @97PCN8MFree Democraticanswered…2yrs2Y

Yes, but the definition of rich should be someone making more than 300k a year! Increasing taxes on upper middle class won't help anyone

 @97N8542from Minnesota answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, mostly the top 10% but offer more tax break incentives towards investments that help the nation such as renewable energy or investments into the infrastructure



No, they should focus on getting rid of tax evasion first, there is no point in raising taxes if you cannot guarantee that they will be paid.

 @93ZP8QG from North Carolina answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, but simply to ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share. It is absurd that major corporations, such as Amazon and Walmart, pay no or little federal income taxes, while the average American foots the bill. All existing tax loopholes for large corporations should be closed. This would generate sufficient revenue to fund education, healthcare, and social programs such as increased student loan forgiveness, paid family leave, and universal Pre-K.


Yes, but only the extremely rich exceeding $200,000 a year and raise the tax brackets for those individuals while abolishing the income tax for all citizens making less.


No, reform to a flat tax, abolish all taxes except sales tax, and require payment/ tolls for use of federal services to make them self sustainable (roads, parks, postage, etc.). Tax collection funds services that can't charge (law enforcement, military, congress, etc.)


Reform to a flat tax, or a flat tax for income after poverty level, and raise poverty level to the amount of money needed for a reasonable standard of living for someone with average financial literacy.

Teach financial literacy in school. The lowest income I can consistently find people online living comfortably with is $7k, with some DIY skills.


 @5Z8DMCG from Tennessee answered…2yrs2Y

 @92JXK3J from New York answered…2yrs2Y

No, but stop the rich from exploiting loopholes to avoid taxes. If we are to lower taxes, especially for the poor, the rich must logically pick up some of the slack, but raising taxes is not the solution. Just ensure that the rich cannot avoid taxes.

 @92JXK3J from New York answered…2yrs2Y

No, but stop the rich from exploiting loopholes to avoid taxes. If we are to lower taxes, especially for the poor, the rich must logically pick up some of the slack.

 @924MYCK from GU answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, higher for the rich and lower for middle and low-income citizens, and eliminate loopholes so that they pay their fair share. Also, use the taxpayer money to fund social programs, infrastructure, etc.

 @8T58M5P from Connecticut answered…2yrs2Y

 @938PWY6 from Kansas answered…2yrs2Y

Tax the rich if you want, but the only tax hikes that matter are establishing commodity and public stock trade fees and raising corporate taxes.

 @935ZDRY from North Carolina answered…2yrs2Y

No, but only for the rich who have committed crimes or had shady business dealings


No, taxation is theft and should be abolished entirely for all US citizens.

 @92YHQCV from California answered…2yrs2Y

Yes, and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations so they can start paying their fair share. After all, the Richer you are, the Higher your Taxes, and the Poorer you are, the Lower your Taxes, that's how it should work.

 @Blakers8431 from California answered…2yrs2Y

 @92X5HLD from California answered…2yrs2Y


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