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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@9334YP3 answered…8mos

Legal immigrants should be treated as Americans; illegal immigrants should pay for the costs of their sentence or receive the death penalty.

@92T53D9 from Illinois answered…9mos

@92NVQ27 from California answered…9mos

Yes, for if immigrants don't have a residence here and no if they're resident here.

@925MFDV from Missouri answered…10mos

@8ZLZHD9 from Pennsylvania answered…11mos

Yes, but only in the cases of violent crimes or drug-related charges that result in hospitalization and/or death. The dangers in deporting someone to a country they have not been to in years is significant, especially if it is an actively hostile environment, but the danger they pose to other individuals is equally, if not more so, apparent.

@8Z5KYVX from New York answered…12mos

@8Z4BSGL from New York answered…12mos

No, they should be treated as a normal citizen and accept those consequences

@77JF5QJ from Texas answered…12mos

Yes, and if the crime is serious enough they should receive the death penalty

@8PWXW4S from Oregon answered…12mos

Yes, only if it is murder that's not in self defense or another violent crime

@8YW4MHH from Connecticut answered…12mos

@6HM8ZBP from New York answered…1yr

Yes, only if they're not a citizen AND they have committed treason, murder, rape, or any form of crime that endangers society.

@8PWXW4S from Oregon answered…1yr

Yes, only if it is murder not in self defense or another violent crime

@8XTW3QC from Washington D.C. answered…1yr

Yes, after a trial to determine their guilt or innocence and if guilty is transferred to the prison system in their home country.

@8XPV4DF from South Carolina answered…1yr

@8XMFN98 from GU answered…1yr

@DengekiMatsuko from California answered…1yr

 @SassOfficial from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, but only after full due process equivalent to what a citizen is entitled to

@8X3ZWX4 from Florida answered…1yr

@8X3KQBN from Nevada answered…1yr

Only if it's a really severe crime such as murder and only if they haven't gotten registered as a citizen, if they are registered as a citizen, they should receive the same treatment as people born here for the same crimes.

@8WPW8WW from Texas answered…1yr

If they are undocumented, yes. If they are an immigrant with citizenship, then no.

@8WNRNBZ from California answered…1yr

No, that would just increase crime and cause problems in their home country.

@8WJ57KV from Maine answered…1yr

@8WCFBXX from New York answered…1yr

No, they should be required to serve their sentence and then stay.

@8WCFCCY from New York answered…1yr

No, instead they should serve the their sentence, however harsh it may be.

@8W82FZ5 from Colorado answered…1yr

If they are illegal immigrants then yes. If they are legal, then no.

@8W52HWZ from Montana answered…1yr

No, only if they entered the country illegally and after they serve their sentence.

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Yes, if they have entered the country illegally and committed a felony or felonies

@8VC7WDN from North Carolina answered…1yr

They should have been deported for entering illegally, however if they are found to be an illegal immigrant committing a crime here at home, they should be deported without jail time.

@8V3FW9Z from Texas answered…1yr

No, just hold everyone accountable the same way regardless of immigration status.

@8TP6QKS answered…2yrs

Yes, and we should execute them if they do not finance their own deportation

@8TKFNNS from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes if there is enough proof that they did that after many countless investgations from the FBI and CIA and then deport them.

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Yes, if they have entered the country illegally and committed felonies of a violent nature

@7PTCG38 from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

@8RBQDDP from Vermont answered…2yrs

@8TBNJYP from Georgia answered…2yrs

 @BestPoliticsIN from Indiana answered…2yrs

@8SSB3X8 from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

@8SGQ25L from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

@8SCSBS6 from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@8RWX2JQ answered…2yrs

No, they should receive the same punishment as everyone else who commits the same crime.


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