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More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

@93XZ3QH from Georgia answered…6mos

Welfare makes individuals more dependent on the government, rather than self and community

 Deleted answered…6mos

More, but welfare should be ended, and instead the federal government should fund and support local private charities and nonprofits

 Deleted answered…6mos

Welfare should be ended, and instead the federal government should fund and support local private charities and nonprofits

@92JXK3J from New York answered…7mos

Too many fakers. We need to reform the system to root out fakers and immigrant non-citizens and those trying to avoid work and ensure that legal citizens who are genuinely trying to find work but can't receive welfare. So right now, I lean towards more. But whatever ensures reform sometimes.

 @93HQYDF from Oklahoma answered…7mos

Entitlement expenditures must be reduced but either by capping total allocations or by across-the-board reductions of the number of people who qualify, not through subjecting recipients to even more red tape.

@93DHP4B from Kansas answered…8mos

@9334YP3 answered…8mos

Welfare should be abolished entirely and replaced by voluntary charity.

@88LK76J from Michigan answered…9mos

Abolish the current welfare system and replace it with universal basic income.

@4PTBWS5 answered…9mos

Regardless, reform the system so that it rewards, not penalizes, getting a job.

@8ZK5HYT from New York answered…9mos

 @MSelvig from Wyoming answered…9mos

The federal government should not be providing welfare benefits. This should be a State or Private issue.

@69NVLPV from Florida answered…10mos

Eliminate all existing welfare programs and replace them with a monthly income stipend for all citizen households

@heatherdvdprince… answered…11mos

More. We should raise the minimum wage to a beginner's living wage and only provide welfare to those who are incapable of working and for up to 6 months in between jobs. People with repairable conditions should be actively getting treatment and doing all that they can to support themselves. The government should find ways besides direct funding from the government to help people get treatment when they can't afford it. For example, they can ask people to donate to charity, do crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, and hire a paid or unpaid (volunteer) worker to find ways to make money for the person, such as through GoFundMe.

@85QWNPG from Colorado answered…11mos

Abolish welfare, un-ban high density public housing construction and provide both universal healthcare and a small UBI to all citizens as a dividend of investment on their providing to our prosperity

@8ZCGKPD from Texas answered…11mos

lower restrictions on lower and middle class but increase the restrictions on high class

@4SNPK4B answered…11mos

Fewer, there should be no restrictions at all (this is called a UBI)

@8Z3NQVS from Michigan answered…12mos

 @8XD6BY6 from Nevada answered…12mos

 @8XD6BY6 from Nevada answered…1yr

@8YB8NY3 from Nevada answered…1yr

@8WVSFDZ from New Jersey answered…1yr

The whole system needs revamping so that people with actual disability get the help they need to get off welfare, and so that the paltry amount paid actually provides value.

@8WRCSMR answered…1yr

@8WFV28T from Michigan answered…1yr

 Deleted answered…1yr

Give it to people that actually need it. These systems should not be abused.

@8VTBF8J from Alabama answered…1yr

We don't need less or more benefits or restrictions, just correctly directed benefits. Any benefit given by the federal government should be precise. An example: Food stamps should be more like WIC, as some food stamps are used to buy junk food, instead of the much needed fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats needed.

@8VL9DP4 from Texas answered…1yr

@8VL52JJ answered…1yr

A more targeted reform of the system and oversight of who and how benefits are resolved, favoring supporting Women and Children and families and isolated elderly persons. De-incentivizing single healthy male youth joblessness. Supporting all who have been classed out of careers they were trained for in their youth, by our ever changing and advancing society.

@8TVSNS6 from Georgia answered…1yr

I don't have enough information at the moment to create my own opinon.

@8VC7WDN from North Carolina answered…1yr

More, cap benefits so no one leaches off welfare forever; increase benefits for the elderly and disabled; remove and deny immigrants, especially illegal immgrants, from welfare programs; make it supplemental rather than a replacement for work income.

@8SXLF6T from Virginia answered…1yr

Get rid of the current welfare system and replace it with a Negative Income Tax.

@8V6RSLM answered…1yr

Benefits per capita should be increased but holes in the existing system must be plugged simultaneously (e.g. claiming ration for dead persons, multiple ration cards etc.)

@8CNM93J from Texas answered…1yr

@6NRV2GV from Louisiana answered…1yr

More restrictions, able-bodied people should not be able to receive welfare.

@8TB798W from Texas answered…2yrs

More, and the goal should be to eliminate all government welfare.

@8T9X24H from California answered…2yrs

@6RW5J4M from Louisiana answered…2yrs


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