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Shelter a basic human right that, before our population expanded to numbers unsustainable by nature without human intellectual, any person would have been able to simply walk to an unoccupied area and construct a rudimentary living space. We live within a society where this is no longer possible both due to available space in relationship to population size as well as standards, regulations, and requirements for modern domiciles. As such, access to this basic need is no longer achievable through basic personal labor and must be made available to all by the society that they are a part of.

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Cities that build low density residential homes are spread out, increasing the amount of public transportation used, but also needing massive highways and the city becomes unwalkable. The United States is a perfect representation of this, since many multiuse-high density buildings are not allowed resulting in massive urban sprawl.


No, Catholic Community-Based Housing programs should help build the affordable housing

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Government should build new residential buildings and restore old ones but without high density


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