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 @9JW2SFKfrom Colorado answered…4mos4MO

Yes, but it should be only one opinion. It should be levied as much as other opinions on the topic.


No, absolutely not. The catholic church should have no say in political matters, as religion and politics should be 110% secularized. Religion is a private matter as how god or gods migth influence individual lives, whereas politics influence everything from homelessness, business regulations and the environment. And I strongly doubt God (or the gods) knows anything about biology, business management or sociology.


No. A religion should not have a say in the lives of the people who don't follow it.

 @9HQW2XYSocial Democraticanswered…6mos6MO

any religion should be strictly separated from the state and the solution of state issues

 @9HNLHDBAlliance ’90/Greensanswered…6mos6MO

They should have no say at all in political matters and neither should any religion

 @9HFN4XRVolt Germanyfrom Maryland answered…7mos7MO

No, all religons are equal one should not have a greater say than any of the others

 @9HCZGMWSocial Democraticfrom Ontario answered…7mos7MO

Churches or religious institutions of any kind should be separate from government. A secular government with freedom of religion is the way to go in my opinion.

 @9K4LJY7from Virginia answered…4mos4MO

No, I think that religon should not be able to have political power, as not all citizens follow that religon.

 @9K39GG2Free Democraticfrom Virginia answered…4mos4MO

No religion should have a say in laws about marriage and education unless they have an interest that outweighs the individual interest/freedoms.

 @9K39957CDU/CSU Unionfrom Virginia answered…4mos4MO


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