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 @9K39GG2Free Democraticfrom Virginia answered…3mos3MO


Tradition and values change over time. It's been happening in the history of every country. I would not prefer a swift, drastic and enforced change.

 @9HCZGMWSocial Democraticfrom Ontario answered…6mos6MO

Culture and tradition has changed and will change for all time, it’s silly to try to sustain a single, rose tinted version of an idealized past.

 @9LN3FMNSocial Democraticfrom Oregon answered…1mo1MO

The government represents the people, let the people decide what they want their values or traditions to be.

 @9LM849WChristian Democratic Unionfrom Oregon answered…1mo1MO

I think the government still does have some duty in it as much as the individuals do. We want to keep some of the national traditions that are beneficial to all.

 @9LKTXQQfrom Oregon answered…1mo1MO

Individuals. As we grow, we must be able to adjust our constitution. If we cannot do such a thing then we will be trapped in the past. It's ok to want to follow the beliefs of the framers of a country but it's not ok to morally support decisions made centuries ago.


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